Miroki Tong

Miroki Tong is a recovering international performer and producer. After 10 years in the industry, in her pursuit of happiness, sustainability and purpose, she has spent the last few years pivoting across careers. 
Miroki has been honoured with several awards for her endeavours. Recognitions of note include the Waterloo Region Arts Awards Leading Edge Artist, which recognizes artists under 25, and the Itoen International Haiku Competition Judges Special Award [2011] and 2nd Place [2005].

Her festival Altekrea, which bisected arts, alternative culture, business and tech, and strove to augment the profiles of non-traditional artists, was also a twice award-nominated entity.

In 2020, she was nominated for consideration to be one of WXN Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women in the Professionals Division.
Through it all, a long-lasting passion for all things wine. Miroki has tasted her way all around the world, learning from winemakers, experts, and fellow enthusiasts, always eager to talk with someone who shares in her love of this divine drink.
Miroki seeks to highlight not only the best wines for taste and value, but to introduce the world to the people behind the glass. Winemakers, bar owners, and people looking to make positive change in the wine industry are all highlighted with Miroki’s characteristic humour, endearing geekiness, and easy-going nature. 
When not sipping, learning, and educating about vino, Miroki works as an independent business strategy consultant.

Currently, she holds an MBA with specializations in Strategic Management, Organizational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship, bringing her expertise coupled with healthy pragmatism to help build small businesses and enterprises.

She has served on recommender juries for the Ontario Arts Council, Waterloo Region Arts Awards, and has acted as a third party expert and mentor for students at Wilfrid Laurier’s Entrepreneurship programs.

By moonlight, or folding the time-space continuum, she is also working on an upcoming Opera Metal EP.

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