Caroline & Maggie Granger

Caroline Granger returned to her family farm after almost two decades away. She had three small children in tow and was looking to reconnect with her roots and help her children find some of their own.

Caroline soon discovered that she was sitting on some of the best land in Prince Edward County for growing grapes, and that’s when her imagination took over. She could envision planting the vines, harvesting the fruit, and rejuvenating the land.

There was just one hitch, she had never grown a vineyard before. But a challenge has never stopped Caroline and she has spent the last 20 years growing and learning.

Today, along with her daughter Maggie who grew up with the vines, she makes wines as wild and abundant in spirit as the Granger Girls themselves.

All wines from the Grange are 100% estate grown and made by hand.

Their practices in the vineyard are focused on the health of the natural ecosystem, the health of the vines, and the health of the people who work with and drink the wines.

Their winemaking is simple; do as little as possible to intervene in the process, so that what you taste in each bottle is a product of the land. 

The Granger Girl’s philosophy is simple, listen well… 

*We are so excited to learn more about the Granger Girl’s philosophy and Maggie’s Wine Tasting 101 next Wednesday, during our very first Winemaker’s Virtual Tasting Event - in support of @pinkpearlcanada . *